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James Dean Rebel without a cause
James Dean Rebel without a cause

Rebel Without A Cause

    1955s Rebel without a cause is thee film that catapulted James Dean into stardom and made him one of the most famous icons in history. In his role as Jim Stark, James Dean defined what it was to be a rebel. He portrayed a typical middle-class teenager trying to adjust to a new school and environment. The character “Jim Stark” illustrates a strained relationship with his parents as well as a struggle with his own identity. Factors many teenagers experience in any decade. 

     In this film, much like real life, he personified attitude and style with a brooding nature. However, James Dean’s performance is heartfelt and sincere, making you want to help him. 

     Also starring in this classic is the beautiful Natalie Wood as Judy and Sal Mineo as Plato. The persona created by James Dean in Rebel without a cause was an attempt to imitate Marlon Brando. Ironically he surpassed that image and has been emulated more than any male celebrity in history.

James Dean is identifiably one of the most iconic movie stars of all time 

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