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Dinner at 8 poster

MGM’s Dinner at Eight – 1933

March’s Immortal Idol of the month, Jean Harlow, is featured in a film with an all star cast that is elegant and hilarious! In Dinner at Eight you have the talent, the little comebacks and one liners that make this movie a riot! Jean Harlow is absolutely stunning as a socialite. Her quick wit and spunk is inspiring.

22 year old Jean shined in her role along with a cast of greats such as John Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore, Billie Burke, Marie Dressler, Edmund Lowe and more. Directed by George Cukor.

This is one you don’t want to miss. It may be from 1933 but it’s still as cute as can be.

A link to purchase and own one of the greats that is almost 100 years old!

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