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Immortal Idol of March, Jean Harlow, is the original Bombshell. In fact, she was known as the Platinum Blonde Bombshell (dang! say that 10 times real fast) There is an interesting story about her hair color as well as a little campaign by Howard Hughes to really promote it, lets see if I can find it… yes, here it is:

In this wonderful comedy, Jean’s timing and adoring personality shine through. It’s said that the film is based on the life of the 1930’s “It girl” Clara Bow as well as different aspects of Jean’s life.


Here is the synopsis of the movie Bombshell according to Google:

Film starlet Lola Burns (Jean Harlow) is tired of her money-grubbing father (Frank Morgan) and her scandal-chasing publicist E.J. “Space” Hanlon (Lee Tracy). After being unable to adopt a child due to Hanlon’s interference, Lola flees movie stardom and meets Gifford Middleton (Franchot Tone), a millionaire who doesn’t know of her fame. Just when marriage seems right around the corner for the new couple, Lola discovers that her past won’t be as easy to forget as she’d like.
Release dateOctober 13, 1933 (USA)
Budget344,000 USD
Based onBombshell; by Caroline Francke and Mack Crane
Jean Harlow (Lola Burns)
Jean Harlow
Lola Burns
Lee Tracy (Space Hanlon)
Lee Tracy
Space Hanlon
Frank Morgan (Pops Burns)
Frank Morgan
Pops Burns
Franchot Tone (Gifford Middleton)
Franchot Tone
Gifford Middleton
Pat O'Brien (Jim Brogan)
Pat O’Brien
Jim Brogan

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