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What was the last movie Jean Harlow was in?

Saratoga – 1937, was the last film Jean Harlow was in. It was the sixth and last film she starred in with Clark Gable. 

This photo of director Jack Conway, Jean Harlow and Clark Gable was taken only minutes before Harlow’s collapse and was issued at the time her death was announced.



The film Saratoga is about a woman – Carol Clayton (Harlow), A horse breeders daughter whom is suppose to marry millionaire, Hartley Madison (Walter Pidgeon) but falls in love with gambler/bookie Duke Bradley (Clark Gable). 

Behind the scenes:

Jean is always fun to watch as she is vivacious and spunky, however, this movie started filming April 22, 1937. Through-out the film you can see her light dimming as the young woman was very sick with kidney failure. When the movie was 90% complete, Jean Harlow, a delicate beauty, passed away in Good Samaritan hospital due to kidney failure. For more info:

she was 26.

The remainder of the film used stand-ins for her remaining scenes in order to complete it. Her final film, final performance, was released July 23, 1937.

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