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Got a little extra time? Sexify yourself!

Wow! Them, retro style

For the “non-essential” employed woman.

If you are one of the many working women that are home during the pandemic, you may be finding a little more time on your hands. You may even be experiencing what life was like for the homemakers from past eras. If so, think of this as an opportunity.

Now is the time to create the image you’ve always wanted. I’m not talking about a false persona, I mean – now you can do a little soul searching and express your true nature.


Ask yourself:

What do I want my life to look like?

What do I believe in?

What do I like?

What are my personal gifts and talents?

What inspires me?

What is my style?

How do I want to be defined?

How do I represent who I am?

Who is the best role model to teach you how to be all that you are? How about your Grandma?

Although we love them so very much for who they are now, I’m talking about the woman they were when they were the age you are now or earlier. When they were in the prime of their life. If you are fortunate and blessed enough to be able to talk to them, ask them what they were like when they were younger. You may hear some wonderful stories of exciting times. Good, bad, happy, and sad. They may describe a retro style lifestyle that seems like a form of art to us. 

We have come to a time in history where pretty much anything goes. There is no real fashion sense. Jeans and a tee-shirt seem to be the norm. Even sweats to the grocery store… or pajamas. Have you been to Walmart lately? Let’s change that.

How past eras set us up to be sexy, now

We have intelligence and more input than we ever had in the past. The woman before us fought for equal rights, equal pay, and equal respect… Let’s not let that be in vain. We have that AND the ability to express our beauty in a way men can’t.

You see…

We can have it all.

We can be who we are. Who are you going to show the world? Here are some ideas how to get started retro style in the now:

7 Tips to start creating the life you want

  1. Create a schedule.

    Of course you can leave room for spontaneity but this is a good place to start. Example of a schedule:

  • 2. Learn the styles from eras that inspire you.

    Movies, Pinterest and google have many wonderful examples. I am also inspired by celebrities from the Golden Age of Hollywood, like in Immortal Idols.

  • 3. Purchase the tools needed to live the life you want.

    If you were going to remodel a room in your house you would take the time to get it how you want. This is you, this is what your showing the world. Invest in yourself. You are worth it! Even if it’s one article of clothing a week or month. One accessory, even if it’s just lipstick, start today. And yes, it is so fun!

  • 4. Clean your house.

    I believe successful women are organized women. That all starts with a clean and organized environment. 

  • 5. Simplify.

    Look at what is necessary and what isn’t. Simplify your schedule and don’t be afraid to say no to things that don’t fit your life.

  • 6. Prep work.

    Initially, there is work involved but… it helps in the simplifying process in the long run. Example: Meals. Decide on dinners for the week, make your grocery list based on that menu so you have everything needed to just do it without taking time out of your day for store errands.

  • 7. Get excited.

    Now is the time for you to enjoy the process and journey, enjoy who you are and have fun with it!


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This is an introduction to a series I’d like to bring to you. Next will be styles per era… stay tuned here in Reel and Retro.

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