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The Thrill of it All – 1963: 

OB-GYN Dr. Gerald Boyer (James Garner) and his lovely wife Beverly (Doris Day) go to a work dinner party. Beverly, a charming housewife and mother of two children catches the attention of an advertising gentleman, who eventually insists on her becoming the spokeswoman for ‘Happy Soap’. The newfound success makes the doctor a little frazzled as things get chaotic. Watch to see how the Dr. handles it and the thrill of it all.

I have watched this movie probably 10 times, and I could watch it another 10 times. 

Doris Day and James Garner starred in two films together with this being their first and ‘Move over Darling’ being the second. Get your copy now from Amazon:

It may not be an everyday kind of situation but they sure know how to make it relatable and fun to watch. It surely is one of their best films! Here is more on it:

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