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Have you noticed how it doesn’t matter if you have a large family at home or if it’s just you… life is hectic! Have you tried a routine or schedule that incorporates “Me Time”? If not, try it for one week and see if you find more balance, time and peace. Here are some examples that might help:

Here’s what a schedule looked like for the 1950’s homemaker:

You Could Always Follow This Guide:

All I can say about that is…


Well, I ain’t no good wife I guess… lol! Dang! I’m glad that’s not my schedule but.. Hey! Once upon a time that’s what it was like.


A modern schedule should include a little “Me Time” to prepare for the day. To end the day.

Enjoy your day

Throw in a movie, perhaps a recommendation from Keep it reel and for some reading check out Immortal Idols. Be good to yourself, Darling!

2 thoughts on “Schedule “Me Time”

  1. When I worked full time, I used to have a cleaning schedule. It seemed like the only way that I could keep up with everything and still have time for myself! It seems a little wacky, but I gotta admit, it worked a lot better than what I’m doing now LOL

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