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Move Over Darling – 1963

Doris Day and James Garner appear in their second and final movie together in this fantastic comedy that will have you laughing and cheering for the underdog but, who is the underdog in this one? Watch and find out, you won’t be disappointed!

The film Move Over Darling, is a re-make of the 1940 screwball comedy “My Favorite Wife” starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunne.

Originally, it was titled “Something’s Gotta Give” and was to star Marilyn Monroe and Dean Martin. However, due to unfortunate events, the film was never finished. 

On the site: ‘Doris Day films’,  it’s referred to as: 

“A huge hit that rescued 20th Century Fox”

In,_Darling, it was also reported that

James Garner accidentally broke Day’s rib during the massage scene when he pulls her off of Bergen. He was not aware of what had happened until the next day, when he felt the bandage while putting his arms around Day.

Google’s synopsis:

Nicholas Arden (James Garner) has struggled to get over the absence of his wife, Ellen (Doris Day), but when it seems clear that she’s perished in a plane crash, he decides to move on. Nicholas remarries to Bianca Steele (Polly Bergen) five years after his wife’s disappearance, only to find out that Ellen is still alive. When she is saved from the island on which she was marooned, Ellen scrambles to reassemble the life she lost when her plane went down at sea.
Box office12.71 million USD

You won’t want to miss this hit. It has charm, heart, and comedy. Subscribe and stay tuned for more films by our Immortal Idols.

Stay fabulous Darling

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